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Only about 10% of billionaires are female today. Most of the wealthy people on earth are men. They rule without compassion and just for ego gratification and to make more and more unnecessary and unjust gains at the expense of the weak. Any one of the wealthiest men on the planet could end all hunger and poverty by donating less than 5% of their wealth. But they never have and they never will. That's why we need to have 50/50 male/female billionaire ratio instead of the current 90/10.

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My name is Phelix. I am a genius, and I have recently discovered several unknown ways to make not millions, not billions but over $100-billion annually!

My IQ test determined that I have precision intelligence – which is a rare form of intelligence giving one the ability to instantly solve problems that even geniuses with intelligence in other categories think are impossible. 

I have about 300 business plans, ideas, and innovations in my head. I wrote down vague, coded reminder notes in encrypted files, so if they are ever decrypted, no one will know the rest of it but me. I also have dozens of brilliant inventions waiting to be developed and marketed. 

I would be a millionaire or billionaire by now, but there has been a pattern with me to this date in my life of my plans being interrupted or delayed by the unexpected. However, I just kept going back to the drawing board trying to come up with better and better plans, and now the part of my brain responsible for making brilliant plans has grown extremely large. 

I use to make over $10,000 a month online, but the methods I was using back then are now obsolete. However, I have just finished reeducation myself, and I know how to make hundreds of thousand online now to serve as a stepping stone to making billions. Here is an old obsolete plan of mine given as a sample of my intelligence:

How To Mail Everyone in the USA Free & Make $325,000,000 in 20 Weeks

  1. Find a product that profits you at least three times the total cost of mailing, including postage stamps. (Spend $500 make $1,500 for example).
  2. Next mail $1,000 worth of letters to double your mailing size and keep the 33% ($500) profit. Keep doubling it. Did you know that if you take a penny and double it every day within 30 days, you will have earned over a million dollars!? It’s true. Get a calculator or look at the chart on this website:
  3. Keep doubling your mailing, and within 20 weeks you will have advertised to everyone in the USA! Assuming you mail once a week and the size of your first mailing is 500 letters.
  4. This is very good as mail order still gets a 1% response. So if you mail the approximate 325,000,000 people in the US and 1% responds, that means 3,250,000 people will order your product. If your profit is $100 per order, you make $325,000,000 in 20 weeks.

There were a lot and still are a lot of people in the mail-order business, but they have not done this because ordinary people don’t think like me.

Here is how ordinary people think: I mailed 1,000 letters this month and made $500 after expenses. I’ll mail 1,000 a month for a little money to help me pay s for the rest of my life.

However, there are a few problems that make this idea nearly impossible for anyone to execute but me:

  1. First, it costs approximately $60 to mail 100 letters with paper, stamps, envelops and ink for printing. This means to make the three times expenses you need to be selling a product that profits you $120 AFTER your cost to produce the product or buy it for resale. So if you're selling something that cost you $20 to buy for resale, each of your costumers would have to pay you $200. But the average American only has about $240 a month free to spend after monthly bills and other living expenses. So if they get paid weekly, that means they have about $60 extra to spend when they get your letter asking them to buy something that cost $200. Do you see how this can be a problem? No problem. I have solved this one.
  2. The other problem is that in mail order there are specialized lists that people buy to mail their offers to and if you mail to the wrong list you don’t get any responses. The list sizes are not all that big. A few million would be considered to be a massive list for one particular interest. So you need an offer that appeals to absolutely all groups of people, or your offer cannot reach the whole USA (If enough people don’t buy, you can’t keep doubling your mailing size). I have solved this problem by creating many universally appealing offers. This plan is obsolete to me as I know several ways to make over $100,000,000,000/yr and this plan only makes about $300,000,000 for one year only. It is still good for raising startup capital, however.

I am not stupid, so I will not give you full details unless you sign a business partnership agreement with me. You also have to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

I need a couple of thousand dollars for a little product research and developed to materialize my first universally appealing offer I plan to send to the entire US. This should not take more than a month after a get a spare $2,000 - $5,000. 

I’m currently short on funds but I’ve been researching online, and I found a surefire way to raise $5,000 to $10,000 in only a couple of weeks or a month. It does not require getting a loan, but it does require interacting with people. So if you're a people person (I'm not), you could assist me with this (or one of approximately 300 other plans) for mutual profit sharing.

So the above idea is sitting on my shelf of ideas like hundreds of others as I don’t feel like interacting with people – accept a few nice women. (I’m not compatible with 95% of men as their energy is so low it is manifested not only in too much foul language but via stupidity as well. No, I am not homo or bisexual).

I only require about $26,000.00 to launch my current best $100-billion plus annual money-making plan. Those who assist me in gaining this money via participation in the free business partnerships I am offering will gain accesses to one or more my billion dollar money making technologies.

There is currently no membership fee. The first step is to fill-in the compatibility questionnaire. I need to know what your zodiac sign is so I can see if we can work together harmoniously or not. This is why I’ll request you’re birth date. Please Fill-in Compatibility Questionnaire. Extremely incompatible applicants will be rejected.

Thank you.