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About Me

My name is Phelix. I don't post my last name on websites.

I am a self-educated scientist, spiritualist, inventor and classical composer. I'm also aiming to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs ever.

My IQ test determined that I have a great deal of precision intelligence, which is the ability to find solutions instantly to complex problems others think have no solutions.

Here Are My Real IQs

Astrology IQ:

  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo - The most analytical of all.
  • I have four planets in the 9th house - the house of higher learning.
  • Rising Sign: Sagittarius - The sign of knowledge acquisition and utilization to the fullest.
  • Grand Air Trine: In the zodiac air is the element of intellect. I have a planet in each of the three air signs placed just right so that if you draw a line from one plant to the next in the three air signs they from a triage. This means all three intellectual capacities of the air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are working in perfect harmony producing an enviable level of genius.
  • My Grand Air Trine is Under Great Stress: Ancient astrologers thought the Grand Air Trine was a bad aspect as it made things too easy for the person who possesses it, tempting them to be lazy. This is remedied when plants in the Grand Air Trine have a negative aspect creating by other planets in one's chart. My Grand Air Trine has two extreme conflicts with other planets in my chart, forcing me to utilize it.

Numerology IQ:

  • My Expression Number is 7 - the number of the deep, intuitive thinker.
  • My destiny number is 3 - the number of creativity, inventiveness, the artist, and the teacher.
  • I'm leaving a lot out and concluding this topic here because Virgos are too modest to brag too much. However, when you add all the above characteristics together you get a scientist, spiritualist, inventor, classical composer and entrepreneur rolled into one. Oh, I am also an author.